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Molybdenum Oxide Tender Notice National Iranian Copper Industries Company


Quantity:500 mt +/-10% in Seller's Option.

Shipment:Exact shipment schedule shall be mutually agreed prior contract settlement.

Typical analysis & Size Determination:

                Mo    64 ±4 %

                Cu <=1.7%

                C <=0.04%

                S <=0.12%

                Pb <=0.12%

                P <=0.04%

                Si <=1.1%


 95%      between    0-5 mm

 5%              "          5-10 mm

Packing: The cargo is packed in seaworthy steel drums of 220 liters capacity with lids secured by rings.

Delivery: FOB Bandar Abbas, Iran

Price term:Price for Molybdenum oxide will be based on the Platt's metals week monthly average for molybdenum oxide, as published in monthly report of Platt's metals week under the heading "Dealer Oxide midpoint/mean" per pound of molybdenum.

Quotational Period: Quotational period for Molybdenum Oxide shall be the average of the first month following the month of actual shipment (MOAS+1) from the port of loading as evidenced by the B/L date.

Inspection & Weighing:Weighing will be carried out by weighbridge at load port i.e. Bandar Abbas / Iran. The weight determined by a conjointly appointed LME approved international Inspection Company shall be final and binding for buyer and seller for final settlement purposes, the cost shall be shared 50/50 between seller and buyer. The certificate issued by international inspection company indicates the weight of each drum & lot.

Analysis result advised by a LME approved international inspection company is final and shall be binding for settlement purposes for both parties. The cost of this procedure shall be shared 50/50 between seller and buyer.

Payment Procedure:

·       Buyer shall pay 100% (one hundred percent) of proforma/ provisional invoice value amount in Euro, prompt net cash payable by telegraphic transfer or under an Irrevocable Letter of Credit at sight to a bank which is nominated by seller. Proforma/Provisional invoice amount shall be calculated based on provisional price which is average of two weeks price (low & high prices) prior date of Proforma/Provisional invoice and typical analysis mentioned in the contract. In case the final analysis is being known, the PI shall be calculated based on final analysis and provisional price.

The exact payment procedure shall be negotiated at the time of contract settlement by buyer & seller.

The final balance, if any, between the provisional payment made by buyer and the final value of the material shall be paid by the owing party by telegraphic transfer against seller's presentation of following documents within five working days from the date of the final invoice:

·         Seller's final invoice issued based on final prices less the amount of provisional payment.

Important Notes:

·         Offers must be presented to NICICo Sales Dept. only through email sent to sales-tender@nicico.comtill end of Saturday June 16th, 2018 local time. It is very important that offers shall be definitely sent to the sales-tender@nicico.comand the ones sent to any other email addresses won’t be regarded as the tender participants and won’t be evaluated subsequently.

·         NICICo reserves the right to reject the offers which will be sent after the validity due date.

·         NICICo reserves the right to reject any one or all offers, cancel or prolong the deadline.

·         NICICo reserves the right to purchase part or whole quantities of above mentioned commodities from one or several potential sellers.

·         In case the offer is accepted by NICICo, it will be advised via email by return.

·         The offers shall be definitely sent through corporate email addresses and the personal ones through which the offers are to be sent by participants such as gmail, yahoo, hotmail or any other personal or general email addresses are not accepted at all.

·         Quotational period for any unknown price is also negotiable.

·         Currency of payment is negotiable.

·         The following information re companies of attendees shallbe definitely provided as well:


1-       Full Company Name (Both Local & English dictation) :

2-       Company national ID :

3-       Registered Number :

4-       Registered Date :

5-       Company Type : Private or State-owned

6-       Registered Country :

7-       Registered City :

8-       Ownership Type: A) Public   B) Joint Stock, …..

9-       Company Field of Activity :

10-    Company Address :

11-    Tel :

12-    Fax :

13-    Company Website Address:


National Iranian Copper Industries Co.

Sales & Marketing department

Tel: +98 21 82138231

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