With command of Engineer Bani Asdi Rad
Appointment of Deputy of Human Resources and Social Affairs of National Iranian Copper Industries Company.
Managing Director of the National Iranian Copper Industries Company appointed Engineer Arman Hasani to Deputy of Human Resources and Social Affairs of NICICO.
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Mohammad Reza Kargar Dianati, director of the Sarcheshmeh copper mine announced
Extraction of 150 million tons of minerals from Sarcheshme mine in the next five years
"Since early 2018 the excavation plan for 820 million tons of mining geological reserve has begun for next 28 years" Sarcheshmeh Copper Mine Manager said.
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Readiness announcement of Russian mineral giant to cooperation with Iran
UMMC Company, one of the largest Russian mineral companies, announced to cooperate with different parts of Iran's mineral and mineral industries, especially the copper industry.
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Deputy Co-coordinator and Secretary of the tender Commission raised up "Billion savings in copper"
Deputy Co-coordinator and Secretary of the NICICO tender Commission said: With the efforts of the financial and economic committee of NICICO, the production cost has decreased.
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Director of Stock Affairs, Investment and Assemblies of National Iranian Copper Industry Co
There's no way to survive except for Sustainable Development
Behrooz Rahmati, a consultant managing director and director of stock and investment in NICICO, said:" Copper has no choice but to develop in order to be able to survive in the international environment, and this development must also be sustained by careful study and development."
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