Managing Director of NICICO stated
Developing Mineral Industries in Kerman Province Using the Persian Gulf Water Transmission Project
Mohammad Reza Bani Asadi Rad CEO of National Iranian Industries Copper Company Said:Persian Gulf Water Transfer Project is a national project and needs the government's comprehensive support.
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Manager of the Exploration and Engineering Development of NICICO, reported
19 percent of the copper exploration in the first quarter of the year 1397(Second quarter of 2018).
"Copper Company's discoveries up to the end of June current year have managed to record growth of about 19 percent of exploration programs nationwide" Shahriar Motevakel, Manager of exploration and development engineering, said.
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Copper Company CEO Announced at the General Assembly
Development of copper company according to the 2025 vision document
The General Assembly of the Copper Corporation for the fiscal year ended March 20, 2018, held today (July 8th), with the participation of shareholders in Tehran.
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With command of Engineer Bani Asdi Rad
Appointment of Deputy of Human Resources and Social Affairs of National Iranian Copper Industries Company.
Managing Director of the National Iranian Copper Industries Company appointed Engineer Arman Hassani to Deputy of Human Resources and Social Affairs of NICICO.
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Mohammad Reza Kargar Dianati, director of the Sarcheshmeh copper mine announced
Extraction of 150 million tons of minerals from Sarcheshme mine in the next five years
"Since early 2018 the excavation plan for 820 million tons of mining geological reserve has begun for next 28 years" Sarcheshmeh Copper Mine Manager said.
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