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5%Growth of CU Content productions


According to NICICO, engineer Saad Abdi, director of planning and supervision of National Iranian Copper Industry Company, announced that by the end of April 1997 , Cu content production of  National Iranian Copper Company from Sarcheshmeh, Meyduk and Songun copper complexes, was totaling 26,560 tons. Which has grown by 5% against the program of 25,560 tons.

Abdi said that copper concentrate production has been grown by 8%, during this period and the copper company has produced 107, 935 concentrates of copper in comparison with the defined program of 99,966 tons.

Director of Planning and Supervision of NICICO about the total copper extraction from Sarcheshmeh, Meyduk, Songun and other mines during this period of time said:The copper company had a total of 17 million and 246 thousand tons of extraction compared to the planned 14 million and 379 thousand tons, the growth was 20 percent.

Abdi stated that the plan was set for Sulphuric rock up to 4 million and 517 thousand tons from the Sarcheshmeh, Meyduk and Songun by the end of the first month of New Year, with a yield of 4 million and 842 thousand tons, 7% of the program was ahead.

Regarding the other copper products, director of Planning and Supervision said that the productions of Anode at this month was 24 thousand and 761 tons, which was 11 percent higher than the planned 22 thousand 200 tons. Also, copper production at the end of the same period last year showed an increase of 29%.

Abdi said that the copper cathode production by the end of March this year was about 6 percent higher than the same period at last year, he said: despite the installation of the CSM machine at the end of the cathode production line and some other issues, By the end of the month, the total copper company produced 14,212 tons of copper cathode.

He added: "By removing the existing barriers by the end of April, the copper production will definitely be compensated, and the company's cathode production will be higher than the overall two-month plan at this year


Translated by : M Rahimzamani


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