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The production capacity of 655,000 tons of copper in the 2026 prospect

Mohammad Reza Bani Assadi Rad, Managing Director of NICICO, pointed to the prospect of Copper development at Horizon 2026, said: In the horizon of 2022, the copper production holding capacity will reach 425 thousand tons, including leaching production to 525 thousand tons, and in 2026 this capacity will reach 655 thousand tons.

According to NICICO quoted IMIDRO Bani Asadi Rad, at the review meeting of the company's copper development plans, was held with the presence of Mehdi Karbasian, chairman of the board of IMIDRO and other managers of IMIDRO said: "With 21 million tons of proven reserves of copper, Iran holds 3.1 percent of the global reserves of this metal."

Bani Asdi Rad, saying that the current production capita is 16.1 tons per person, state: "This production has been upgraded to 10.7 tons in comparison to the year 2013 and company's program at 2026 is 22.5 tons of cathode production per person."

He added: "By achieving this level of production per person, in 2026, we will approach to average capita world production of nearly 24 tons."


Translated by : M Rahimzamani 

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