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Director of Stock Affairs, Investment and Assemblies of National Iranian Copper Industry Co

There's no way to survive except for Sustainable Development

According to the National Iranian Copper Industries Company, quoted in MessPress: Consultant Managing Director and Director of Stock Affairs, Investment and Assemblies of NICICO Expressing that in the present situation of the country we do not have access to financing with low profit rates in the international environment, said:" I believe that increasing capital is one of the best and most easiest and perhaps the cheapest models for financing corporate development projects in Iran."

"In addition, we have about 900 billion Tomans accumulated profits, which totally for the end of the last fiscal year will have more than 3,200 billion Tomans divisible profit that with this amount of financing in the sphere, we can create a revolutionary development area."Rahmati said stating, that for the past fiscal year, we forecast a minimum profit of 2,300 billion.

He clarified that if a capital increase license was obtained from the stock company, NICICO could use the capital for sustainable development, rather than spending on fiscal expenditure.

Director of Stock Affairs, Investment and Assemblies of NICICO, emphasizing that in the current conditions, copper company is obliged to develop, said: We have prepared a report for the company's board of directors and we are in a position to obtain a license to raise funds. We propose an increase of 40% in copper, which is 2,400 billion tomans of this profit in the area of development, and will pay part of this profit to the shareholder who will be able to cover his current expenses.


Translated by:M Rahimzamani

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