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Deputy Co-coordinator and Secretary of the tender Commission raised up "Billion savings in copper"

Translated by:M Rahimzamani*

"With establishment of new board of directors and CEO Mr. Bani Asadi Rad" on the cause of the formation of the financial and economic committee and its effects on the reduction of the NICICO expenditures a brief report was given, Mehdi Majd Far added and fortunately He emphasized that the committee will  continue to work strongly in 2018. He said: In 2015 and 2016, we spent 121 and 84 billion Toman respectively, on cost saving. Of course, the figure of 2017 has not yet been extracted from the accounts, but it is expected to decrease this figure and the reason is that the contracts have reached to a balance point, and committee has done its mission very well.


12:08 - 2018/05/27    /    number : 2756    /    Show Count : 772


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