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Managing Director of NICICO stated

Developing Mineral Industries in Kerman Province Using the Persian Gulf Water Transmission Project

Mohammad Reza Bani Asadi Rad CEO of National Iranian Industries Copper Company Said:Persian Gulf Water Transfer Project is a national project and needs the government's comprehensive support for the project so that the project, launched in cooperation with the private sector, to be completed as soon as possible.

According to NICICO, managing director of NICICO, emphasizing that most of the major industries in the southern and southeast provinces of the country, which are facing difficulties in providing water resources, said" In the past few years, NICICO as one of the largest mineral and industrial companies in the country, has taken extensive efforts to solve the water problem in Kerman province And has managed to bring the average water consumption to a level of global standards and even lower".

Referring to the implementation of the water comprehensive plan at Sarcheshmeh and Shahr-babak Copper Complex Bani Asadi Rad said: Due to very good mineral resources of Kerman province, in the current situation, there is a pressing need for water to ensure the sustainable development of the mineral industry, especially in the copper industry, therefore, NICICO in recent years long-term made plans to increase water efficiency and reduce water consumption rate in the copper industry.

According to the managing director of NICICO, the projects of "Rud khane Shur Refinary", "Paste thickners " and "Rude Shur dam" are the most important projects of "Water comprehensive plan" with implementation of water recovery in Sarcheshmeh copper complex has reached to more than 70%.

Bani Asadi Rad emphasized that, along with these actions, NICICO, in collaboration with Golghar and Chadormalu, has established a Company named "Persian Gulf Water Supply" to ensure the sustainable development of these mineral industries for the coming years, said: The contribution of Gilgohar from the Persian Gulf project to Kerman province is 44 percent, NICICO is 33 percent, and the remaining 23 percent is belong to Chadormalu.

Managing director of NICICO mentioned that 900-km transmission network is being implemented to transfer water from Bandar Abbas to Kerman province in the industrial zone and  said the tunnel, which has now been prepared has the potential to transport three lines to a capacity of 150 million cubic meters per year.

He emphasized that the plan for exploitation of copper mines in Dare Aloo, Dare Zar and Chah Firoozeh, three major development plans of NICICO, is on the horizon of the Sixth Development Plan, said: Certainly, in order to exploit these new mines and to pursue the goals of the NICICO on the horizon of the sixth plan, the water pipeline project from the Persian Gulf will be of great help in achieving these goals and increasing the production capacity of NICICO.

In this regard, in order to speed up and remove the administrative barriers of the project, Mohammad Reza Bani Asadi Rad, the CEO of NICICO, along with Ali Mohammadi, a member of the board of directors of NICICO and Mohammad Reza Aali, Deputy Director of Development and Exploration of NICICO, during a two-day visit in Hormozgan province (July 30 and 31), they visited the Persian Gulf Water Transmission Project in Kerman province and closely monitored the progress of the project.Also, during the visit, from Rezvan station, km 45, the port of Bandar to Sirjan, water transfer stations and the Gulf of Persia pipeline were visited at Bandar Abbas to Hajiabad.


Edited&Translated by:RahimZamani

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