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Tender renewal Announcement No.: 21972459

The National Iranian Copper Industries Company (NICICO), intends to entrust the above-mentioned tender subject with the following specifications and general conditions to accredited companies through public bidding.

a)    Abstract work description

a.1) Stripping Plant of Refinery:Building/ procurement, shipping, installation, test and commissioning of one set of rectifier and transformer with output rating:0-120VDC voltage and 0-30KA DC current, 6-pulses, with related cooling equipment’s / systems, automatic control / protection systems / panels in old existing places and replacing with existing equipment’s, and finally removing of existing equipment’s.

a.2) Commercial Plant of Refinery:Building/ procurement, shipping, performing civil work, executing the cable-laying up to the existing 20kv switchgear, installation, test and commissioning of two sets of rectifiers and transformers, each output rating: 0-400VDC voltage and 0-20KA DC current, 6-pulses, (two new sets totally 12-pulses and 40KADC current) with related cooling equipment’s / systems, automatic control / protection systems / panels and related interlocking with the existing Commercial plant (that will be remained at their old places), so that at the same time only the new system can works or only old system, so the new and old systems can’t work together simultaneously.

b)    Project location: 55Km far away from Rafsanjan, Sarcheshmeh Copper Complex

c)     Start of project: Immediately after introduction/ determination of winner of the tender

d)    Project duration: 24 months

e)     Applicant's conditions:

1.      Having legal personality.

2.      Compliance of the company's articles of association with the subject of the tender.

3.      Having at least 3 successes experiences in the field of the tender and providing satisfaction from the relevant employers (employer's name and telephone number is required) or at least 3 successful experiences about implementation of similar projects.

4.      Having operational, technical, managerial and financial capabilities appropriate to the implementation of the tender.

5.      Having certificate in related contracting activity respect to the subject of the tender .

6.      Having the ability to provide a bank guarantee for the tender from Iranian Bank.

Applicants having the mentioned conditions stated in the clause "e" and who are prepared to perform the work, can send their readiness letter to participate in the tender to the fax number 0098-34-34303402 and also submit the original letter along with the following documents (by CD-ROM in two copies) within at most 20 working days (Thursdays and official holidays aren’t working days) from date of insertion of the advertisement on the website of the National Iranian Copper Industries Company (WWW.NICICO.COM), to the address of Kerman province- Sarcheshmeh Copper City - Contract Affairs - Shahid Ali Iranmanesh building, 7731643181 postal code.

·   Providing images of the company statute and announcement of the newspaper and the latest changes in the company about the members of the board of directors, the director and authorized signatories.

·   Providing images of similar contracts and consent from previous employers (subject to the item “3” in above).

·   Providing any evidence of ownership or the ability to provide minimum machinery during the contract period

·   Providing any evidence of the applicant's ability to complete the work

·   Providing of the Certificate of Competence of Contractors .

·   Providing of Reference List of the same projects at the domestic and international areas for the procurement, installation, and commissioning of rectifiers units and rectifiers transformers are necessary.

·    Complete and submit the evaluation form included on the link.


Note) Delivery of the above documents do not give any right to applicants for bidding and the tender documents will be dispatched among the eligible candidates according to the employer's diagnosis and opinion.

If applicants need more information, can contact 0098-34-34303406.


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