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Managing Director of Concentration plant in Sarcheshmeh Copper Complex said

A boost in Concentrate production

From the beginning of this year to the end of December, the production of the sulfur ore has been more than six percent higher than the production plan which resulted in an increase in concentrate production up 2.4 percent more than predicted schedule. Sarcheshmeh Copper Complex Managing Director of Concentrate plant depicts the production of factories at this year and mentioned: During the first nine months of 1397(SH), 22,440,850 tons of Sulfur ore has been fed to the concentrate factories, which is 6.2 percent, equivalent to 460 thousand and 77 tons more than the program.

He continued due to the result of the amount of feedstock processed 529,926 tons of copper concentrate with a content of 125 thousand and 635 tons of CU contents, which, in terms of tonnage 2.4 percent, and CU content was 3% higher than the forecast production program.

Referring actions to reduce the price of the finished product, Langrizadeh said: In the current year, the actions taken to stabilize the production of Concentration plant No. 2 in the second phase, caused increasing productions which this increased production resulted reducing of the finished produced price.


Edited and Translated by :Rahimzamani


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