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Increase of 40,000 Tons of Anode Production Capacity

Starting of Implementation of Khatunabad Smelting Development Project


Ardeshir Saad Mohammadi mentioned that Khatunabad's Smelter development plant is one of the major development plans of NICIO during this year said: Since August, over hall has been started to solve environmental problems and increase Khatunabad's smelting capacity from 80,000 tons to 120,000 anodes.

Dr Ardeshir Saad Mohammadi, CEO of National Iranian Copper Industries Company, said in a Messpress release: "According to the plans, we have no worries about the decline in production this year, and God willing, production will increase this year more than last year.

He emphasized that with the cooperation and efforts of all the NICICO personnel, we will see a new record in cathode production this year and added with increasing capacity of smelting plant in Khatun Abad, total copper Anode production capacity in Kerman province will reach 400,000 tons and a part of the concentrate needed for these projects will be provided from the copper mines of Dare Aloo, Dare Zar and Chah Firoozeh.

Saad Mohammadi, referring to the simultaneous implementation of the Khatunabad sulfuric acid project with a capacity of 600,000 tons per year, said: In recent years, Khatunabad Smelter had some environmental problems that with following –up and according to supervisory organization, the output dust of electrofilters drier and electro filters of flash furnace has reached the standard level.

CEO of National Iranian Copper Industries Company pointed out: launching the Sulfuric Acid plant in Khatun Abad will be ending point on environmental negative comments of NICIO and added: during current year with simultaneous operation of both development plan in Khatun Abad we will observe the green industry (In accordance with environmental standards) and sustainable development of Copper industry.


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