Introduction of company

Copper is a metal which has been used for many years. 85-90% of copper consumed in the World is achieved by extracting from copper mines. Metals are extracted from ore in two ways: Pyrometallurgy and hydrometallurgy. Pyrometallurgy has been used by the humankind ever since the beginning of the human history. Nowadays, more than 95% of metals are procured in this way. Although pyrometallurgical methods have been prevalent, however, during the recent years, new hydrometallurgical methods have been considered, and there was a considerable growth in the production of copper and other basic metals in this way. According to the latest evaluation made in 1997, mineral deposits of copper have been estimated at 57000 million tons all over the World (except China and ex-Soviet), and the mineral copper deposit of Iran is roughly 1900 million tons containing 14 million tons copper, being around 3% of mineral copper deposits of the World. According to studies made, in terms of mineral copper deposits, Iran is located on the World belt of this metal, stretching in direction of the North West – South East axis of the country.

History of copper in Iran

Copper objects and alloys obtained at various points of Iran as well as remains of old primitive furnaces of melting copper show that the old Iranians knew the industry of extracting and melting. Archeological explorations show that mines were fairly prosperous in Iran after the 5th millennium BC. Bronze, golden and silver objects obtained from the next millennium illustrate progresses made in operating mines and metallurgy in Iran. After appearance of Islam particularly during Seljukian (6th century A.H.) and Safavids (11th century A.H.), there was much prosperity in operating mines and metallurgy in Iran.

National Iranian Copper Industries Co.

On July 03, 1972, Kerman Sarcheshmeh Copper Mines Co. (P.J.S.) was incorporated and in 1976 it was renamed National Iranian Copper Industries Co., which encompasses all operations of copper mines in the country. The functions of this company include among others: To extract and operate mines of copper; to produce high grade products of ore and copper products such as cathode, slab, billet, and 8-mm wires. Among the most important copper mines of the country one may name: Sarcheshmeh and Miduk in Kerman, and Songon in East Azerbaijan.

Incorporation date of company: August 29, 1972

Registration No.: 15957

Ref. and date of operation license: March 04, 2000

Operation date: 1982

License ref.: 1030105

Place of registration: Tehran Registry Office of Companies and Non-Commercial Organizations

Subject matter of company in accordance with the charter:

To explore, extract and operate copper mines in Iran; to produce, distribute and sell high grade products of copper ore; to distribute and sell products whether produced in Iran or abroad; to joint others and attract others to cooperate in investment plans relating to the copper industry; to perform all financial, commercial, industrial, mine and services operations and transactions relating directly or indirectly to one or more issues described above, whether domestic or international..

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